Fergies now at Polo Park Shopping Centre
Fergies now at Polo Park Shopping Centre

Our History

Established on April 15, 2004, Fergie’s Fish’n Chips is dedicated to providing its customers a nutritious eating experience in a historic, inviting atmosphere.

The Junction of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers, known today as The Forks, has been a “meeting place” for thousands of years. Indigenous people from across the plains and eastern forests came to this spot to trade, to hunt, to fish and to celebrate. Today, it is the city’s most popular gathering place, attracting more than five million visitors each year.

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Fergies Fish-n-Chips Polo Park

Our New Location at Polo Park

Fergie’s Fish’n Chips opened its third great location at Polo Park Shopping Centre!

The same incredible ingredients and quality go into every menu item we create. Come by and visit, we know you’ll love our famous fish’n chips, fresh seafood chowder and our unique curry fish poutine.

About Our Food

OUR FAMOUS FISH “Cod/ Halibut/ Pickerel (walleye)” is prepared fresh daily, and coated with a seasoned flour and  beer batter. The batter protects the fish from the hot oil. The hot oil comes into contact with the batter rather than the fish, which produces steam and this effectively “poaches” the fish inside it. A bonus is that the vitamins are locked in by the protective layer of batter, whereas when you boil or fry the fish they can just leak out. So the fish inside is actually really good for you.

OUR FAMOUS SEAFOOD CHOWDER is prepared fresh each morning and consists of fish, seafood, stock, vegetables, shellfish, and cream.

OUR FAMOUS CHIPS come from the freshness of a “MANITOBA GROWN” russet Burbank potato, freshly cut on site. Our unique double-frying technique, results in a delicious and nutritious “home made fries, crisp on the outside, and potatoey inside.

FERGIES FRYING OIL: At Fergies we recognize today’s health conscious diners want healthy, good tasting food. All our FISH & CHIPS are fried in a Canola Harvest Hilo, a non-hydrogenated, no “added trans fat” canola oil.

We like to let our food speak for itself!

Fergies Fish n Chips

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